Scott Meyers

Self Storage Profits
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My name is Scott Meyers, and I am known as the Nation’s Leading Expert in the self-storage business. However, I personally don’t consider myself an expert in all aspects of the industry as many have labeled me…

I’ve been the architect of dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions since I began my real estate career in 1993. I also invested in a deal that turned out to be a financial disaster for one of my companies. Which deal taught me the most? The one that nearly broke us!

All I am really an expert at is making mistakes and learning from them. The key is that I learn from my missteps, I pay attention to my mistakes, and I have become an expert at not making the same mistake twice and at learning from each one. And along the way, I’ve become an expert at teaching others about the business and how to avoid those same mistakes.

I am not pretending to be something I am not, and I am not saying I am better than others who teach people how to invest in self-storage or other forms of real estate. I am not an expert at money or financial success – although I have gone from being bankrupt to being a multimillionaire.

What I am saying is that if you want to shorten your learning curve and avoid the mistakes that I and so many others have made in their self-storage career – then I invite you to join us on this amazing journey in the self-storage business.